Tamarind Bakery

To describe the Tamarind Bakery project, no better words than the ones of Tamar who created it. I made Tamarind’s logo and visiting card and also illustrated her in front of her home-made oven for the Dreamer’s Café. India, 2012

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“Tamarind Bakery is an inspiration that began in the classroom…

As an English teacher in The Learning Community in Auroville, I was searching for a way to take English out of the classroom and textbooks and into a real-life context … I decided to bring together 2 passions – children and baking and to begin teaching English through the medium of baking…

The ‘Baking English’ project was born, aiming to provide children with an experience where the learning of English is alive, spontaneous and relevant to what they are directly experiencing through practical, hands-on work.

And then came the bakery…

Inspired by our experiences in the classes, I began experimenting with diverse recipes, with an emphasis on wholesome ‘homely’ cakes and cookies, as well as recipes catering for different dietary needs, such as veganism and gluten-free diets.

Tamarind Bakery began a friendship with CoffeeIdeas, through Marc’s Coffee outlet in Kuilapalayam village, near Pondicherry, providing cakes and cookies as a perfect accompaniment to the range of beverages served in the café.
Tamarind’s range is now also available in Dreamer’s cafe,Visitors’ Centre, Auroville and Mission Cafe, Pondicherry.”

For more information on Tamarind’s range of patisserie, e-mail tamarind@auroville.org.in

or check her facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/tamarindbakes