MoET – Early Childhood poster


This poster was made for the Early Childhood Care & Education Dpt of the Ministry of Education of Vanuatu. It is printed size A1 in large numbers and distributed all over the islands in schools and public spaces. See below for translations.


What your child should be able to do by the age of 3


say his own name and age


walk, run, climb, kick and jump easily


identify everyday objects or animals or their image


show his / her feelings


be able to make sentences with 2 or 3 words


understand numbers


name colours


knows how to feed himself


use make-believe objects in play


What parents, teachers and caregivers can do to help the children


read and look at books with children and talk about the pictures

limit television watching and ensure that violent shows are not viewed

tell stories to the children and teach them songs and rhyme

give the children responsibilities

listen to them and understand their questions

use the toilet or latrine and wash her or his hands with soap and water or a substitute, such as ash and water

make sure they are registered

make sure they are vaccinated

teach them to respect animals and plants, do not throw stones or kill them

teach them to throw garbage at the right place

teach them our Kastom and our History

Show them you love them always