CROIX ROUGE – Climate Change Island

I just finished this big assignment for La Croix Rouge Française du Vanuatu that shows an island divided in two with all destructive ways to manage land and ressources on the left side and all the good ways on the other. Every detail come from years of field work. The poster is very large and will be used to do awareness all around the country’s numerous islands. Thank you Croix Rouge for giving me this opportunity !


Aelan-Croix-Rouge-1 Aelan-Croix-Rouge-2 Aelan-Croix-Rouge-3 Aelan-Croix-Rouge-6 Aelan-Croix-Rouge-5 Aelan-Croix-Rouge-4 Aelan-Croix-Rouge-9 Aelan-Croix-Rouge-8 Aelan-Croix-Rouge-7