SAVE THE CHILDREN – Child Protection Poster

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The Vanuatu Child Protection Program is part of the Australian Government funded “Stretem Rod Blong Jastis project”, Vanuatu Law and Justice Partnership, providing support to the sector priorities of Vanuatu’s Ministry of Justice and Community Services.

Refresher trainings will use this poster to deliver contextual information about Child Rights and Child Protection. It will be followed by further trainings (Positive Discipline, Everyday Parenting, Youth decision making), giving practical Child Protection tools and skills for community members to use.



“Take good care, love, support and listen to children !”


“Don’t wip me…” “Speak to me, I can understand.”


“Do not swear or insult me…” “Show me your love and respect me.”


“Don’t abandon me…” “I need your support. Listen to me, tell me stories and play with me.”


“Don’t spoil me. I’m only a child.”


“Respect my body. I need you to support and love me so that I grow well.”

Message around the heart : “We are all responsible to protect our children.”