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“Our Children Are Our Future” is a Child Protection Facilitation Manual. It is built to teach local facilitators to follow the steps of a workshop to be held in villages.

It is for Vanuatu community leaders, faith based leaders, parents and caregivers to develop a better understanding of children. It draws attention to some of the important issues that children face in their development and aims to find solutions and give them tools to help overcome the difficult situations.

UNICEF Pacific, 2016

The  “Our Children Are Our Future” Facilitation Manual for Vanuatu has been adapted from the Children Are a Precious Gift from God Facilitation Manual for Fiji, which drew from the Journey of Life Manual, UNICEF Myanmar and incorporated aspects of Positive Discipline, What it is and How to Do it by Save the Children Sweden, South East Asia and the Pacific.  The Manual has been produced by the Child Protection Team, UNICEF Vanuatu, April, 2016


Ministry of Justice and Community Services, Director General, Mark Peter Bebe; Ministry of Justice and Community Services, Child Desk Coordinator, Elizabeth Emil; AVID Volunteer – Child Desk, Emily Ellis; UNICEF Pacific Child Protection Chief, Amanda Bissex; UNICEF Child Protection Officer, Joemela Simeon; Ministry of Youth, Senior Youth Officer, Rebecca Solomon; Senior Youth Employment Officer, Vira Taivakalo. The manual was drafted, pre-tested and finalised by UNICEF Consultant, Ana Laqeretabua.

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Some examples of the manual’s pages

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