MoET – Teacher’s Guides 2017

I am working at the moment for the CDU Ministry of Education with the support of VESP (Vanuatu Educational Support Program), Australian and New Zealand Government. My role is capacity building with the designers and illustrators of the Cdu staff (technical and conceptual skills) and on hand work to design a series of covers and posters for the 2017 material.

The teacher’s guides we worked on are printed and distributed in all the schools, throughout the 83 islands of Vanuatu ! The latest work at the Curriculum Development Unit of the Ministry of Education in Vanuatu has been to build a team work of designers and writers and come up with user friendly books for the teachers of Vanuatu.


Life in the Community
Language and Communication
Charley Robert, PEO Curriculum Moet Vanuatu


Examples of illustrations in LIFE IN THE COMMUNITY Teacher’s guide :



Examples of illustrations in SCIENCE Teacher’s guide :


Charley Robert, PEO Curriculum Moet Vanuatu


Examples of illustrations in MATHEMATICS Teacher’s guide :

Examples of illustrations in LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION Teacher’s guide :



storage room
Cdu team (almost complete) Julie, Angelinah Eldads Vira, Raela Reuben, Paul Dick, Florence Kalomor, Jennifer Atisson. Add Simon David Georges (National Curriculum Coordinator), Leisel Masingiow (Senior Curriculum Officer), Marilyn Rouard and Firiam, Johanna Ashmore (Australian volunteer) and Alan Swan (VESP) and the team is complete.