IOM – Migration Policy Campaign

Masood Akhtar CCCM Program & Displacement Advisor for IOM Vanuatu, commissioned littlebylittle with a challenging campaign to work on. All rights reserved © little by little / IOM

The idea behind the visuals is this :

In line with the National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2030 (NSDP), namely “The People’s Plan 2030”, the Government of Vanuatu is committed to developing a stable, sustainable and prosperous Vanuatu. This involves cherishing the diverse cultural identities of Vanuatu and supporting community resilience to adapt to the impacts of climate change, environmental hazards and disasters. While there are many factors present in Vanuatu which assist recovery efforts following disaster, such as strong social and community bonds, the Government has identified a gap in the existing policy framework to address population displacement.

To address this gap and to ensure the well-being of all Ni-Vanuatu people, the Government is developing a policy framework to support communities affected by displacement, stemming from both slow-onset disasters and sudden emergencies. The displacement policy framework aims to provide guidance to the different agencies of government, non-government and community-based organizations about how to manage risks and vulnerability throughout the displacement cycle, including how to plan for and protect communities and vulnerable groups who may be exposed to disaster risks and may not be able to continue living on their land.

The project is led by the National Advisory Board on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (NAB) which comprises government and non-government agencies from different sectors and is Vanuatu’s supreme policy making and advisory body for all disaster risk reduction and climate change activities. At the request of the Government, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is providing technical support to develop the policy framework based on participatory consultations. This technical support has been made possible through the IOM Development Fund.






The island poster has been adapted from the one I designed with the agreement of RedCross / Croix Rouge Vanuatu.




Masood Akhtar CCCM Program & Displacement Advisor for IOM Vanuatu and Shadrack Welegtabit Director of National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) 2017