(Voices) Collectif d’écrivains du Vanuatu.

Little by little Studio is proud to have designed the book VOES, the new generation of writers, collectif d’écrivains de la nouvelle génération, if you want to know what it sounds like, be prepared, it’s a spark, a slam, a song and a slap. To find at Alliance française de Port-Vila !

Avec / With / Wetem

Stanleyson Antas – Yasmine Bjornum – Stephanie Ephraim – Vanessa John Malikibu – Rogatien Malvirlani – Shem Martley « Paytax » – Marcel Meltherorong – Metoxide-Milly Dham – Telstar Newman Jimmy Joan Niras – Rebecca Tobo Olul-Hossen – Jean-Pierre Sam – Bobby Shing Takao – Paul Tavo – Tio – Ritchie Toka

Yasmine Bjornum, Editor of SISTA Magazine, Activist and Writer

Vanessa John Makilibu & Rebecca Tobo Olul Hossen
Stan Antas, writer and famous musician of Stan and the Earth Force
Joan Niras, writer, composer and singer of the group PARAN LATAN
Vanessa John Makilibu, engaged writer and most famous slamer in Vanuatu

The book starts with this text:

Equal opportunity by Stanleyson Antas

How long has it been
Since you came around here
Talking about my freedom
And all the little things you gonna do for me

Talking so much about this and that
And how you’re gonna come improve my life

Up in the mountains where I’m sitting
I see the whole world arising
Isolation gives me higher understanding

I’m relying on myself
And since the day you walked out my door You haven’t heard my voice


And ends with this text:

The Shadow Matriarch by Stephanie Ephraim Lekal


We carry the weight of new life It lives out of us
and we live out of it
the future of the nation

You’re the blood of my vein Emerged from my darkness Once a cave
Now a palace

Once a scar
Now my tattoo of glory

Coordination : Noémie Séverin et Georges Cumbo

Couverture et mise en page : Little by little Studio

Relecture : Anna Naupa, Mireille Blot-Arsac, Emma Decamps

Editions Alliance Française du Vanuatu BP 219 Port-Vila Vanuatu http://www.alliancefr.vu

Publié avec le soutien de l’ambassade de France au Vanuatu et la Coopération Régionale Vanuatu – France – Nouvelle Calédonie

Imprimé au Vanuatu par Sun Productions ©Alliance Française de Port-Vila 2020