IOM Campaign-Violence against Women and Girls in the Solomon Islands

IOM has commissioned Little by little Studio to design a series of large Public Space BILLBOARDS and t-shirts addressing the main issue of Human trafficking and VAWG in the Solomon Islands.

The idea behind the broken house or the broken traditional Canoe, is that when Violence occurs, it is not only the women and children who are affected but the pillars of the Home, the Vessel of the Family, and by extension, the Society.

The billboard with the fishermen shows them catching the names of their own crimes. A great number of VAWG and Human trafficking and illegal Prostitution are perpetuated and organised by and around people working in the Fishing Industry.

The t-shirt series is featuring traditional objects related to Women’s beauty in the Solomon (the fan and the comb) and clearly say NOT FOR SALE.

Special thanks to Hillary Vanderwey for her trust and enthusiasm.

“Migration and mobility are central features of the Pacific Islands landscape. The diverse island States dispersed throughout the world’s largest ocean are connected by thousands of years of migration, history and culture. Mobility continues to remain a cornerstone of contemporary Pacific Islander identity and is central to many facets of Pacific Islands life. Both push and pull factors – such as marriage and maintenance of kin relations, trade and exchange, livelihood and economic opportunities, and displacement and resettlement from conflict or environmental hazards – motivate movement.

Mobility brings both opportunities and challenges. With increasing rates of mobility and the expansion of extractive industries such as forestry, mining and commercial fishing in the region, it is of particular importance to understand potential community health challenges and vulnerabilities that may impact the populations and communities affected by these changes.

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a worldwide public health issue, and emerging evidence from Solomon Islands has demonstrated that migration-affected communities face particular challenges in relation to community health and VAWG, including increased risk of sexual exploitation, trafficking and abuse.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has been established to address this issue. This campaign focuses on the Solomon Islands context.”

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