Sexual orientation gender identity and expression – SOGIE

It is with great pride that I have volunteered to give some illustrations to the Vanuatu Pride for their project of explaining all SOGIE to the Vanuatu Government and in the Communities.

See here an article about the FIrst VPride Human Rights Inclusion Advocacy Event:

This booklet represents a significant milestone in the long journey of advocating for the human rights of people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in Vanuatu. 

Gilio Baxter, Executive Director of VPride (c) Sista Magazine

Extract of the Introduction

“Diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions are not new to the Pacific. There are some Pacific countries that have well-documented ancient traditions predating colonisation that reflect a unique local perspective of sexuality and gender, such as the fa’afafine in Samoa and fakaleit in Tonga. In other countries, there are less well-documented but still important traditions of people using gender-diverse roles and expressions. With colonisation, however, negative social attitudes and anti-LGBT laws were spread throughout the Pacific, and much of that remains today1. 

The result of these attitudes and laws have been and continue to be hostility, harassment, discrimination, violence, exclusion, and stigmatization, often rooted in lack of understanding and knowledge. 

This booklet seeks to raise individual and community awareness, and presents an affirming, human rights-based approach to people who feel and act different from the currently prevalent norms of society. It also addresses and seeks to eliminate the invisibility, discrimination, and high rates of self-harm and suicide experienced by people with known and emerging identities along the SOGIE spectrum. 

Only when we can see, understand, affirm and respect others, can we truly accomplish the goal that is preached in all our countries, namely, to leave no one behind. 


with the support of Sista, Care International, Wan Smol Bag, Oxfam