Public Talks > posters for the Commons Network

Commons Network Amsterdam is organising more Public Talks and happenings

Very glad to be part of this movement (it’s work as I dreamt it :-) in providing some graphics to announce the happenings

“Away from Work”

“We’re working our way up! Burn-outs can no longer be ignored. And if you don’t have a job, you are obliged to apply. Otherwise you will lose your constitutional right to livelihood. But why do we actually work, and for whom? Everyone is tired, nobody has time. If we don’t dare to ask questions other than ‘What is your dream job?’ we will never get anywhere. Who dreams of work?

We only become healthier if we dare to dream about a different system. And start seeing ‘work’ differently. Making more room for the things that give life meaning, for solidarity and caring. Or just start working a lot less (for money).

We can argue about policy and childcare, but ultimately we need vision, a collective idea of a better system.

This evening we stimulate our imagination. With art, with inspiring speakers and conversations, and with good food. Not a sermon, is the starting point, but a happening.”