The Marching Flowers by YunSung Cho

A poet of 8 years old in Korea and India.

In 2007, I created Little by Little Studio to publish books and hand-made paper objects for children. We were living in India. A Korean family heard of my project and came to my studio with a manuscript from their son, a very young poet of 8 years old. I loved it, so YunSung Cho’s Marching Flower became my first professionally published book. It was special to me because it took us so close to the earth, the leaves and animals, a child’s perspective that made 10 square meters a continent. His interchangeable bilingual perception of the two different worlds of Korea and India and the ease he had juggling with thoughts and images in both worlds gave hope for diversity. The way he listened to Nature in its most minute sounds, his knowledge of death within life and the little lights emerging from his text were a graceful echo to the forest that surrounded us at that time. It was very simple, yet it was not.
Together with Haendl and Padha, his parents, we designed the book.

So here are a few extracts, for the love of his family, animals and rocks.

Published here with the authorisation of the author.